Warning: There are laws governing the use of personally identifiable information. It is your responsibility to comply with all applicable laws.

Warning: Only request scopes you need. You must be able to explain why you need each scope that you request and what you are going to use the associated data for. For some scopes approval of® is required before the associated data is returned. Remember that users will be asked for their consent, and that they may refuse to grant you a requested scope.

The following scopes are available:

Scope name Meaning Approval required
profile Given name and family name. No
given_name Given name. No
family_name Family name. No
approximate_age Approximate age. An integral number smaller than or equal to the subject's age in years. Yes
birthdate Date of birth. Yes
nationality Nationality in ISO 3166-1 format. Yes
national_identification_number Identification number in the national register. Yes

All of this data is provided as stored on the subject's eID card.

Contact® if you need additional data, or if you want to request scopes for which approval from® is required. Without approval, the requested scopes will be ignored, and you will not receive the associated data.

The Identification number in the national register requested by national_identification_number will only be returned if the requesting client is a confidential client.

Non-confidential clients (e.g. browser based or native clients) can request and receive the scope but won't receive its value. They can however send the access token to a resource server. This server can be registered as a confidential client and use the introspection endpoint to receive the value.