Signatures® provides a digital signature service with an HTTP-based API. The digital signature service can be used to sign data. See Signature types for more information on the data types that can be signed.

The following sequence diagram shows a typical session to sign a document with an actor (the person signing), an organisation named Contoso requesting a signature, and the® signature service at

sequenceDiagram participant 'Actor as Actor 'Actor->>+Contoso: Start the signature process Contoso->> /api/sign>>-Contoso: RespID + Unique sign url Contoso-->>-'Actor: Redirect to <Unique sign url> 'Actor->> Navigate to <Unique sign url> Note over 'Actor, The actor uses their® app to sign the data.>>-'Actor: Redirect to <Organisation ReturnUrl> 'Actor->>+Contoso: Navigate to <Organisation ReturnUrl> Contoso->> /api/retrievePending>>-Contoso: Signature result Contoso-->>-'Actor: User feedback

Note that the session is not created until the user is online and ready to sign.